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Book reviews are the best way to promote your book for free! A regular print ad in a newspaper can cost thousands of dollars. A book review only costs you the postage and the cost of the book.


Although submitting books for review can be costly (with postage costs, etc), the rewards are enormous. And it's still a LOT cheaper than print ads. Book reviewers and author help each other-- the authors give them interviews and books, and the reviewers give authors the promotion they need to make their books a success.


Read this fantastic article by bestselling romance author Stacy-Deanne about how to "trick" reviewers into reviewing your self-published book (hint* sometimes it's best to just keep your mouth shut!). And this is another great article on how to approach Indie Bookstores without sounding like an newbie.


A word of caution: if your book is unedited, full of typos, or otherwise unfinished-don't bother contacting the reviewers below. Most of the reviewers list typos and bad editing as one of their major "pet peeves."





A Backwards Story

This blog specializes in fantasy fiction. She has over 1,000 GFC followers and does lots of author promo, including blog tours and author interviews. When requesting a review, a book description or summary is required.


A Book Lover's Library  

Main blog URL:  Genres accepted: romance, mystery, history, historical fiction, humor, fantasy, YA Genres NOT accepted: horror, gay/lesbian, erotica, adult, erotica. Will accept nonfiction history or biography.


A Bookish Escape

Reviewer accepts: e‐books and physical copies. Main blog URL (web address): Genres accepted: YA, New Adult, Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy,Chick‐Lit

Genres NOT accepted: Sci‐Fi, Religious Titles, Middle‐Grade Titles, Non‐Fiction.


A Casual Reader's Blog

Reviewer accepts: e‐books and physical copies. Description: Reviewer has a preference for fantasy, but will accept almost any genre on a case‐by‐case basis, with the exception of erotica and adult material, which she does not accept. Main blog URL (web address):


A Peek at My BookShelf

Only accepts Christian Books for review. Will accept Christian romance.


A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman

Main blog URL: Main reviewer’s name: Aimee Jodoin. Best method of contact: email: Genres that you accept: Literary fiction, some light science fiction.Genres that you do NOT accept: children's, young adult, fantasy, erotica, poetry. Do you accept nonfiction? some: Science, writing, literary criticism.


A TiffyFit's Reading Corner

Reviewer accepts: e‐books and physical copies. Her preferred format for e‐galleys is Mobi. Description: Reviewer schedules frequent blog tours and other author requests. Does not accept erotica or Christian material. Genres accepted: YA paranormal, YA urban fantasy, YA fantasy, YA romance, adult urban/paranormal fantasy and romance, historical fiction, historical romance, sci‐fi/fantasy, contemporary fiction/romance

Genres NOT accepted: erotica and Christian fiction.


A Walk on Words

Reviewer accepts: e‐books and physical copies. Do not submit any erotica or adult material. Main blog URL Genres accepted: Paranormal, Dystopia, Fantasy, Romance, YA, Mystery, and Chick Lit. Genres  NOT accepted: Erotica, Nonfiction.


A Write to Review

Main blog URL: Best method  of contact: e-mail, lrjohnson13 AT Genres accepted: Young Adult,  Paranormal/Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Romance, History. Genres NOT accepted:Gay/lesbian/bisexual, memoirs, biographies, self help,  cooking.


Anastacia Knits Designs contact information listed on her blog. Currently only accepting craft-related books for review.


An Eclectic Bookshelf (previously Books and Things)

Description: Reviewer’s name is David. He accepts a wide range of genres, except romance. Main Blog URL: Accepts ebooks and technology or science-based non-fiction. NO ROMANCE.


Arms of a Sister

Family-friendly book and product reviews. This reviewer posts to all the major websites. Check her review guidelines on her blog. They are clearly stated. Accepts children's books and Romance, mystery, suspense, chick lit, inspirational fiction. Does NOT accept: Fantasy, science fiction, poetry, nonfiction. Contact before submitting.



Bella's Bookshelf

Main blog URL: Main reviewer’s name: Fran C. Genres accepted: Young Adult in these categories: Dystopian (IE:Divergent/Hunger Games, etc.), Contemp: (IE: Fault in our Stars/13 Reasons Why, etc.), Horror: (IE:Unwind/Rot and Ruin/Vampire,etc.), Mystery: (IE: Dark Place Gillian Flynn), Sci-Fi: (IE: Maze Runner/Enclave.Mortal Instruments, etc.), Romance: ( mild, historical fiction, teen, ya), Fiction: (IE: The Lying Games, Every Day). Genres NOT accepted: Hardcore Scyfy (think Dungeons and Dragons style), Hardcore Fantasy (think Hobbit), Hardcore Erotica (50 Shades of Grey style is OK). Nonfiction is not accepted.  


Between the Pages

Contact e-mail bounced. Last checked 4-13-2013.


Beyond the Bookstore (previously No Wayz Tired)

This site has been active 1 1/2 years, previously (No Wayz Tired). . Reviewer Marsha Rudolph accepts: Christian and bible-based nonfiction. Does NOT accept: Erotica or any non-Christian material. Does not do free reviews after Sept, 1st 2013.



Main blog URL: Genres accepted: mostly literature. For those interested in a review, please take a look at the site for a better guide to the type of titles accepted. Genres NOT accepted:Adult/Erotica. Will accept non-fiction on a case-by-case basis. Contact: bibliofreakblogATgmailDOTcom. Prefers print over ebooks.


Bitsy Bling Books

Very nice review site, frequently updated.  Reviewer Charlie Courtland accepts ebooks as well as pbooks.  Contact before submitting. No non-fiction or poetry. A list of accepted genres is posted clearly on the sit under the submission guidelines.


Bitten by Paranormal Romance

This blog is reviews paranormal romance. It's collaborative, and there are multiple reviewers. Nice, dedicated genre site. Big following (1800+ and growing). Only accepts edited work, only accepts paranormal romance. Contact through her website.


Blkosiner's Book Blog

Very nice blog following. Serious blogger. Mainly accepts YA, but will accept other genres on a case by case basis. Contact Brandi before submitting. Gets over 150K webhits a month--lots of traffic on this site.


Blogger Book Reviews

This site does reviews as well as some affiliate marketing/sign-ups. Check the site for full review policy and submission guidelines. (Updated Oct 2, 2013)


Bonnie Humbarger

No longer updating 3/2013.


Book 2 Buzz

URL:, Accepts the following: biographies, religious, fiction with strong religion in it, the occasional young teen, children's storybook and other genres on a case-by-case basis.  Genres  NOT accepted: Erotica, western, medical, self help, warfare.


Book Babe

Not accepting submissions 7/28/2012


Book Discovery

No longer updating.


Book in the Bag (Collaborative)

Main blog URL: - Main reviewer’s name: - (COLLABORATIVE) Mandi M. Lynch, Catherine Gracey, Misheal Crocker, Rachel Hobbs, & Katherine Coble Best method of contact: Contact form on the blog.  Genres accepted: - While we are up for almost anything, based on the blog the past few months, most of our tastes tend to be in the sci-fi, fantasy, YA and non-fiction realms, although we have other tastes that haven't seemed to make it to the blog yet.  Books should be written in English.  If for some reason, you want to send a book for an in-English review that's not written in English, query first.  We may accept them, we may not. Genres NOT accepted: - Erotica.


Book Lovers Paradise

Main blog URL: Best method of contact:  Reads mostly: YA, Paranormal, Historical fiction or Childrens' books. Reviews will be posted on reviewer's blogsite, Facebook site, LibraryThing, Goodreads, and any place requested by author/publisher. Genres NOT accepted: Erotica, Adult themes, Horror. Generally does not accept non-fiction, but will accept Biographies. NO adult or EROTICA accepted.


Book Reviews (The Way I See Them)

Main blog URL:  Best method of contact: [email protected] Genres accepted: Fiction. Genres NOT accepted: History, non-fiction.  


Books and Needlepoint

Will accept most fiction on a case-by-case basis. NO erotica, NO graphic novels. Does not accept ebooks at this time. Will host blog tours, interviews, and other author promotional posts. LOTS of followers! 700+ and counting! 13,000+ pageviews per month.


Books on the Knob

Site is buggy.


Books & Tales**

REVIEW SUBMISSIONS CLOSED 3/2013, but still doing author interviews. Main blog URL: Main reviewer’s name: Annette Gisby. Genres accepted: M/M Romance & erotica, M/F romance, GLBT, fantasy, ghost stories, sci-fi, thrillers/conspiracy, historical, mysteries, whodunnits, horror (no vampires or werewolves/shifters please - unless their shifted form is a penguin - then we can talk ;)   Genres NOT accepted: Sweet romance, inspirational/religious fiction, literary fiction, biographies, YA, children's, no urban fantasy unless it's M/M, which I will consider. Pet peeeves: That authors haven't read my guidelines and send me genres I don't read such as M/F erotica. I do read M/F romances though, maybe that's where the confusion arises.


Booksie's Blog

Confirm with the reviewer at: [email protected] to ask if she will accept your submission. She is open to all genres on a case-by-case basis.


Bookingly Yours

URL: Reviewer Jenai accepts a variety of genres, but only accepts a maximum of 6 books a month, contact info is on her blog.



Main blog URL:  Main reviewer’s name: Anagha. Best method of contact: Contact form

Will accept any genre on a case-by-case basis. However, does NOT accept:Nonfiction, erotica or poetry.





No longer updating.



Reviewer only accepts books with cat or dog-related themes. Good genre-specific site. Best method of contact:EMAIL:[email protected] See blog site for full details:


Chaotic Compendiums

A beautiful book reveiw blog. Reviewer will accept: literary fiction, mysteries/thrillers, horror, history, memoirs, social sciences. This reviewer will NOT accept: Christian/religious books, business/finance, or e-books. CONFIRMED DIRECTLY.  


Chocolate and Croissants

Does reviews on Goodreads. Likes: books related to food, travel, other cultures May review: literary fiction and non-fiction.   According to the reviewer, she will accept French-themed books as well.


Christian Bookshelf Reviews

Requested removal. 4-14-2013.


Clarks's Eye on Books

No longer updating.


Clean Romance Reviews

Reviewer accepts only clean romance and YA. Main Blog URL: Prefers physical copies. Has a nice following. No adult, no erotica, and no "steamy" romance.


Closed the Cover

Main blog URL: Submit review requests through the website. Genres accepted:Historical Fiction, Autobiography, Memoirs, Biography,  Western, Mystery, Sports.  Genres NOT accepted: Erotica, paranormal,  Science Fiction, Young Adult. Nonfiction is accepted: autobiographies, memoirs, biographies, and history of all kinds.


Curling Up By The Fire

Reviewer Stephanie will accept indie and small press on a case by case basis. Well-organized site that also hosts giveaways and other promotions. suspense, mystery, thriller, fantasy, YA, paranormal, historical fiction, science-fiction. Does NOT accept: Erotica. Posts to: LibraryThing, Amazon, Goodreads. Please query before submitting.


Danielle. Wife. Author. Mother

Contact the blog host before submitting:


Deco My Heart

Not accepting submissions. Confirmed with site owner via e-mail 4-13-2013



No longer updating. Last checked 4-2013.


Dive Under the Cover

No longer updating. Last checked 4-2013.


E&K Family Book Reviews

Reviewer accepts: Junior Fiction, YA Fiction, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Adult Fiction, Adult Non-Fiction, Military, Dystopia, Children's Literature, Picture Books. Does NOT accept: Romance Novels. Will accepts some non-fiction: cookbooks, how-to-manuals, and biographies. Will accept some adult-themed books on a case-by-case basis.


Earth's Book Nook

Reviewer accepts: e-books and physical copies. Reviewer Heather Powers accepts: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Epic Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Mystery/Thriller, Suspense, Horror. She does NOT accept: Nonfiction, biographies, christian books,self help, romance. Contact before submitting.


Edgy Inspirational Romance

Reviewer accepts ONLY Christian romance on a case by case basis. Contact the author first before submitting, she will request a sample chapter. Very nice blog design and frequently updated. 500+ followers.


Elizabeth Barone

Not accepting submissions.


Engelia Mccullough

Now called "Time 2 Blog"


Fade Into Fantasy (Formerly The Creative Well)

Accepts paranormal fantasy over anything else. Does not accept: NON FICTION (unless related to arts/crafting).  She is a copyeditor, and does freelance book editing.


Flights of Fantasy

Reviewer Marian likes science and fantasy, but she is open to other genres. Contact her through her blog (e-mail is listed in her profile). NO e-Books. Confirmed Directly.


Flying with Redhaircrow

Has not updated for over 60 days. Last checked: 4/6/2013


Flying off the shelves

No longer updating. Last checked: 4/6/2013.


Footnote Reviews

Main blog URL: Main reviewer’s name:  Suzy Watts Best method of contact:  contact form on her blog. DOES NOT ACCEPT EBOOKS. Genres accepted: cookbooks, gardening,  biography, crafts, pets, history. Genres  NOT accepted:  Erotica, YA, Reference, Sci-fi, children's books, teen books, women's issues. No longer accepts religion themed books


Free Book Reviews

Reviewer Albert accepts small press and Indie books for review. Does NOT accept erotica. Prefers ebooks. Hosts blog tours and also giveaways as promotional opportunities for authors. Posts reviews to: Amazon. Smashwords, Hubpages, Facebook, Twitter, Yousaytoo, Zimbio, Goodreads, Shelfari. Contact info clearly stated on the blog.


Froze8's Blog

Reviewer accepts YA only. No adult material. Contact before submitting.




Reviewer Fran posts to ; Main blog URL: and This blogger is prolific, and posts to all the major websites, including Amazon, Facebook, Bookmasons, and BookBlogs. She gives incredibly detailed reviews, and hosts a radio show on blog talk. Authors may be interviewed for her radio program. Please check her submission guidelines before submitting. She does media kits for authors.


Geeky Girl Reviews

Reviewer agrees to review romance, chick lit, paranormal, paranormal romance,fantasy , suspense, young adult and mystery. Reviewer Chantale has her contact information in her profile. Nice following and cute blog design. Serious blogger.


Get Kids to Read

Main blog URL: reviewer’s name: Patrick Tierney  Best method of contact: pattierney @ Genres accepted: Juvenile  Adventure, Juvenile Mystery, Juvenile Fantasy, YA adventure, YA mystery, YA Fantasy. Genres NOT accepted: Romance poetry, verse novels, nonfiction.


Go Critc Books

No Longer updating. Last checked 4/6/2013.


Gobbledygook Book Hooked

Main blog URL: Reviewer's name: Sophia Best method of contact: Email [email protected] Genres that you accept: Any YA,  Especially YA Paranormal Romance, Romance, Contemporary Romance,  NA, Genres that you do NOT accept: Nonfiction.


Guiltless Reading

This blog website has a clear review policy. Even if she is booked up for reviews, she will still accept guest posts, so a great site for author promotion if you are willing to do some of the work yourself.


Happy Indulgence

This is a new addition to the blog list.  The reviewer accepts a wide variety of genres. Prefers: young adult, urban  fantasy, paranormal romance, sci-fi and dystopian. Preferred format: MOBI. Contact before submitting at:[email protected]  Genres not  accepted: nonfiction, poetry, religious fiction. new blog address: Happy Indulgence Book Blog UPDATED 7-3-2013


Hardcover Feedback

Main blog URL:  contact: email, (megan.hardcoverfeedback AT gmail DOT com)Genres accepted:  Christian fiction, historical, romance, mystery, suspense, thriller, fantasy,  Young Adult & Jane Austen Fan fiction/Spin-offs. Genres NOT accepted: Erotica, Scifi, GLBT, Poetry. Will accept some nonfiction on a case-by-case basis.


Head Stuck in a Book

Main Blog URL: Best Method Of Contact: sezjb81ATgmailDOTcom. Genres accepted: young adult,  paranormal/romance, historical romance, middle-grade, urban fantasy, dystopian,  post-apocalyptic and steampunk. Genres NOT accepted: poetry and religious  inspired fiction. Will accept some limited non-fiction on a case-by-case basis.


Heart Breaking Reviews (Collaborative site)

Main blog URL:  There are 4 reviewers on this site. Genres accepted:    

Paranormal Romance,Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance,  Young Adult(YA), Fiction, Chick Lit, Fantasy, Suspense, Sci-Fi,  Religious-Spiritual Fiction.  Genres  NOT accepted: Horror, Science, Philosophy, Religious-Spiritual, or Children Books.


Highlander In Oz

No longer posting reviews. Last checked 4/6/2013.


Historical Novel Review

Unsubsribed from list. 4-30-2013.


Hungry Feet: Hungry For Food, Hungry For Travel

Main blog URL:  Main reviewer’s name: Scott Donald. Best method of contact: Contact Us page of  our website. Genres accepted: Travelogues and food narratives or a combination  of the two over 20,000 words that strike our interest. Genres NOT accepted: This  is a GENRE SPECIFIC SITE. They do not accept any Fiction or non fiction not  covered in the above. No Propaganda pieces. No pure cookbooks.


Hysterical Reader

No longer updating. Last checked 4/6/2013.



I am a Reader, Not a Writer

Blogger reads clean fairy tales, fantasy and romance. Books must be "family friendly", meaning free of language, gratuitous violence and sex scenes. Check the bloggers review guidelines and contact before submitting. Frequently updated. Posts to Goodreads, and has over 5,000 Goodreads friends. Does lots of author promo.


I Heart Reading: A Booklog

Currently not accepting submissions. Last checked 4/6/2013


Iowa Bookworm

No longer updating. Last checked 4/6/2013


JanetteFuller.Com; Books, Inspiration and Life

Site has malicious malware somehwhere on the site, checked with 2 computers. Last updated 4-19-2013.


Jersey Girl Book Reviews

Main blog URL: Accepts: mystery thrillers, contemporary romance and chicklit, as well as some other genres on a case-by-case basis. Does NOT accept (in general): erotica. Posts to: amazon, b&n, smashwords, goodreads, shelfari, etc. Contact at: jerseygirlbookreviewsATyahooDOTcom.


Just Another Rabid Reader

Main blog URL:  Genres accepted:  General Fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, paranormal, scifi, contemporary fiction, historical romance as long as it is not too mushy, christian fiction, pretty much anything else.Genres  NOT accepted:  Erotica, adult content, nothing with foul language. Will accept nonfiction on a case by case basis.


Just Books and Books

Main blog URL: Reviews spanish-language books. Reviewer Marie accepts: YA, Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, paranormal. Does NOT accept: history or poetry. Does not accept audiobooks or nonfiction.


Just Reviews

(Previously My Gabina) Main blog URL: Best method of contact: [email protected] Genres accepted: See submission guidelines on the website. Genres NOT accepted: erotica. Will accept nonfiction on a case-by-case basis. Accepts only print copies.


Kasey Reads

No posts. Last checked 4/6/2013.


KC Book Girl

Link is dead. Last checked 4/6/2013


Kevin's Corner

Kevin accepts a wide variety of genres, but does NOT accept, HORROR, dystopias or medical thrillers. Query through his website:


Kindred Spirit Mommy

This blog mainly reviews Christian books and children's books. Contact directly.


Kristi's Book Nook

This author-reviewer has two websites, and are useful to writers. Check them both out for great info, mostly geared to beginners, but also lots of great reviews and info for pros. (Updated 10-2-2013)



Let's Book it

Not accepting submssions.


Literary R & R

Reviewer Mandy accepts books on a case by case basis.  Contact before submitting. Currently accepting all genres.


Livin' Life Through Books

Not accepting submissions.


LL Book Reviews

No longer updating. Last checked 4/6/2013.


Luxury Reading

Main blog URL: Will accept most genres on a case by case basis. Must query first. The site is collaborative and also hosts blog tours.


Mama's Book Corner

Review policy is clearly stated on the website. Main blog URL: Genres that accepted: young adult, fantasy, general fiction,  mystery/suspense, historical fiction, science fiction, thrillers, etc. I also  have children and will accept children's books.Genres NOT  accepted: western, graphic novels, erotica


Man of La Book

Serious male reviewer who accepts self-published books, but only if they are professionally edited. Accepts:  History, historical fiction, Jewish themes, Jewish protagonist, biographies, fiction about Africa and the Middle East, fiction and non-fiction espionage.Genres that he DOES NOT accept: Horror, romance, fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, or chick-lit.


Melissa's Midnight Musings

Currently not accepting submissions. Last checked 4-15-2013, contacted directly by blog owner.


Metanautics Department

No longer accepting submissions.


Midwest Book Review

The Midwest Book Review has been around since the seventies and they are highly respected. You might not be able to get your book reviewed right away, but there's a good chance that you will-- they give top priority to self-published authors. There's no guarantee that you will get reviewed, but this one is really worth a try. A really big fish.


Mike Draper

Main Blug URL:  Genres accepted: mystery and thrillers ONLY. Posts book reviews to Goodreads, Shelfari, Library Thing, Google. Only accepts physical copies.


Mom Loves 2 Read

Main blog URL (web address): Genres accepted:   Anything clean, family friendly from infant to adult (does not have to be christian fiction, can be clean - no cursing, sex, etc)  see this link for more info:



My Book Addiction and More

Main blog URL:  Contact on blog. Genres accepted: romance (all sub-genres),fiction, Christian, Children's,Young Adult, Audio,erotica(with limits),non-fiction(with limits) Genres NOT accepted: none outright, will accept books on a case by case basis. Also posts reviews: Amazon, BN Librarything, Shelfair, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads


My Gabina

Now called: Gabina49's Blog


My Life. One Story at a Time.

Main blog URL: Reviewer Donna accepts: non-fiction (memoirs), romance, suspense, historical romance/fiction, chick lit, contemporary romance, and sometimes comedy/humor. Does NOT accept:  Horror, Erotica, YA, Paranormal, Sci-Fi. Contact through her blog.


My Words Ate Me

Reviewer Izzy accepts anything Young Adult or Middle Grade. No erotica, NO adult material. Pbooks only (no ebooks). Will accept some non-fiction (pop-science) on a case-by-case basis. A good resource for YA.  Very cute blog that is frequently updated. Nice professionalism-- all the book covers are posted and listings are precise.


No Wayz Tired

Site has been renamed and moved. New site is Beyond the Bookstore.


Nonfiction Finds

Only accepts physical copies. URL:  Accepts: Art and photography, how-to, survivalist books, memoirs, humor, GLBT, world history (except military history), writing, travel, science, natural history, fitness, parenting, cookbooks, crafting, and business books.I will accept baseball-themed books, but no other sport.Note: I really love travel and baseball books, so I will give preference to those.  We DO NOT accept: Political, Christian, self-help, military, true crime, or any violent material.To request a review, put "review request" in the subject line. E-mail a description of your book to: No ebooks accepted at this time.



Main blog URL: Main reviewer’s name: Liz Ellor. Genres accepted: Sci-fi/fantasy, thriller, humor/satire, YA genre. Genres NOT accepted: literary fiction, short story collections or novellas. Pet peeves: Not giving me any information about the book.


OkBo Lover

Reviewer prefers: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Historical Fiction, mystery/thriller/suspense, YA novels. Does not accept: Christian, romance, E-Books, and self-help books. Contact before submitting. CONFIRMED DIRECTLY.


Paranoid Contracts

Blog/website name: Paranoid Contracts. Main blog URL: Best method of contact: email to [email protected] Will accept most fiction on a case by case basis. Will accept nonfiction, biographies only. Pet peeve is bad grammar.


Paranormal Cravings

Main blog: (recently changed) Best method of contact: e-Mail (see blog) Genres accepted: ALL PARANORMAL: YA, Adult Paranormal Romance (incl. Sci-fi), Urban Fantasy etc. Genres NOT accepted:  historical romance, nonfiction.


POD People

One of the only review sites that focuses on exclusively self-published and POD books. Currently accepting only very limited submissions. Last Checked 4/6/2013.


Rachel Cotterill Book Reviews

Main blog URL: Main reviewer name: Rachel Cotterill. Best method of contact: link on website:  .

Genres  accepted:

•* Crime & thriller - especially traditional mysteries, international thrillers, and Nordic noir

•* Fantasy - with a preference for highly original settings and strong female leads

•* Sci-fi - mostly at the 'soft' end of the genre, and especially near-future or dystopian.

•* Chick-lit & romance - of the intelligent, not-too-cliched variety

Genres NOT accepted: Horror. Children's books. Do you accept nonfiction? Yes  If so, what type of material do you accept? Yes: travel, history, and philosophy. Some photography. Do you accept e-books? Yes, Kindle compatible (MOBI, AZW or PRC)


Rantin' Ravin' and Reading

Kate Eileen Shannon does a variety of author promotion and offers reviews on mysteries, preferably cozies. Contact before submitting.


Readiculously Peachy

Main blog URL: You can email me your requests to [email protected]  Genres that you accept:  Paranormal, YA books Romance,Horror,Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy, Sci-Fi. Genres that you do NOT accept: Religion, heavy erotica, history, biographies, nonfiction in general.


Reading Before Bed

No longer updating.


Reading Renee

Main blog URL: Reviewer Renee accepts: Romance/Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Fiction, Erotica, Mystery, Thrillers, Drama, YA, memoirs and autobiography. She does NOT accept: science fiction or paranormal/vampires.


Reading is my Superpower

Main blog URL: Main reviewer’s name:  Annie the Superfast Reader

Best method of contact:  email or contact form on site. Genres that you accept:  chick lit, young adult, middle grade, fantasy, Christian, literary fiction, some historical fiction. Genres that you do NOT accept:  war, espionage, thriller, horror, political, comedy, erotica. Will accept some nonfiction on a case-by-case basis.


Reading the World (previously Sarah Reads the World)

No current updates. Last checked 4/6/2013.


Red Square Reviews

URL: This site is collaborative (eight reviewers). A printed book is required for submission. Genres accepted: Most fiction and non-fiction, including children’s books.

Genres NOT accepted:  


Regency Reader

Main blog URL: Main reviewer: Anne Glover. This website accepts Regency romance and Victorian romance only.


Reviewing in Chaos  

Main blog URL:  Best method of contact: email - reviewinginchaos AT

Genres accepted: YA, paranormal romance,  historical romance, contemporary romance, erotica, Chick-Lit.. Genres NOT accepted: Non-Fiction



Reviewer does NOT accept horror or erotica. She is open to anything else. Please contact Rita directly through her site. Very cute website. Does tons of PR and giveaways. Will accept books in Spanish.



Main blog URL: Reviewer Linda accepts: science fiction, fantasy, romance, young adult, coming of age, adventure, mysteries, thrillers, historical fiction and christian novels. She DOES NOT : westerns, erotica, detective, punk, poetry, espionage and political stories, and such. Will accept some nonfiction If it involves neuroscience, physiology, engineering, psychology, computer science, historical, or autobiographies. She will accept mobi files.




Shayna Gier's Book Reviews

No longer updating. Last checked: 4/6/2013


She Scribes

She Scribes reviews all types of books. Contact the website owner before you send your book in.


Sher A. Hart

Main blog URL (web address): Genres accepted: Kidlit. Children's picture books up through YA (if clean) Our favorites are middle grade, and we both love SF or fantasy. I love rhyming picture books if they are well metered. We both love animals in general, but Paul is a more a dog lover, and I am more a cat lover. I like romance if it's mixed in with SF or fantasy, not alone. Paul doesn't care for romance as a major theme. DOES NOT ACCEPT ADULT FICTION OR OTHER ADULT GENRES.


Silk Screen Reviews

Reviewer accepts: e-books and physical copies Main blog URL (web address):

Accepted Genres:  Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Young Adult, Romance & Erotica* (Will Take in Consideration:)  Graphic Novel, Manga, Horror & Mystery Genres that you do NOT accept: All Genres outside of Accepted Genres are determined case by case.


Silver's Reviews

Reviewer ( )accepts mystery, suspense, thrillers, family dynamics, light historical fiction, fiction, women's fiction, female protagonists etc. Does NOT accept anything with vampires or science fiction. Fiction only-- will accept non-fiction only rarely. No erotica, no adult themes. Contact information and submission guidelines are on the blog. preferred e-mail is: silversolara AT gmail DOT com Will accept ebooks (iPad).


SMS Nonfiction Book Reviews (UPDATED 5/21/2012)

This site only accepts nonfiction. The url is


So much to write so little

Main blog URL: Main reviewer’s name: Roxanne Crouse. Genres accepted: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Steam Punk, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Suspense / Thrillers, Zombies, Alternate reality historical, Romance as long as Romance is the sub-plot and not the main plot of the novel Young Adult in the above genres. I prefer novels over anthologies. Genres NOT accepted: Erotica, M/M, Extreme sexual content, Extreme violence, Heavy Military novels, Christian, Real life, Historical.


Soul Unsung

A nicely-designed blog focusing mainly on YA and paranormal romance. This blogger adds an HTML “buy” widget to her reviews, which is a huge plus for authors. Does not accept traditional (“Harlequin-type”) romance. Accepts: YA and Adult Urban Fantasy only.  Does NOT accept: Erotica, Harlequin-type romance (adamant), self-help, religious, nonfiction, biographies, etc. Does not accept non-fiction. Only accepts physical copies at this time.


Succotash Reviews

Main blog URL: Genres accepted: Non-fiction: outdoors, cooking, crafts;Fiction: crime, mystery, chick lit, erotica suspense. Genres NOT accepted: YA & junior fiction, paranormal, supernatural extreme, religious, Harlequin-style romance, no gratuitous porn.


Such a Novel Idea

Reviewer accepts a variety of genres, but mostly YA and similar books.


Sunset Reader Reviews

Not accepting submissions. Last checked 4/6/2013.


Susan Heim on Parenting

Currently not accepting submissions. Confirmed with site owner 4-13-2013




The Active Voice

No longer accepting admissions. Last checked 4/6/2013.


The Blue Bookcase Accepts books on a case-by-case basis. Literary reviews and beautiful design.



Main blog URL: Main interviewer’s name:  Bill Thompson. The Bookcast exclusively features indie authors. Will not accept any book that  is racist, pornographic, homophobic, hate-spewing, etc. Edgy is fine; nasty is not.  Pet peeves:   One, ignoring directions. And two, not understanding that what I do is INTERVIEWS with authors, NOT book reviews. There is a significant difference.


The Book Babe

Currently not accepting submssions.  Last checked 4/6/2013.


The Book Bee (Now called "Every Book Has Soul")

MOVED to: Contact: [email protected] Last checked: 4-21-2013.


The Book Brothers

This site accepts a wide variety of genres. Check the site for full submission guidelines.


The Book Diva's Reads

A review website that focuses on fiction: primarily romantic suspense, mystery, thrillers, suspense, YA, New Adult, and contemporary/modern fiction.  Reviewer does not accept non-fiction, erotica, fantasy, paranormal, or science fiction. Contact information and submission requirements are noted on the blog. Prefer digital books in MOBI format for Kindle..


The Book Review

No longer updating. Last checked 4/6/2013.


The Book Tree

Popular blog with lots of reviews and author interviews. Contact reviewer before submitting, or requesting an author interview.


The Canary

Main blog URL: Will accept most genres, with a preference for YA, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Literary Fiction, and some Narrative Nonfiction (historical fiction, true crime, etc). Does NOT accept: Religious-based Nonfiction, Erotica.


The Fairytale Nerd

Main Blog URL :  Reviewer JoAnne accepts strictly young adult books (young adult paranormal romance, fantasy, dystopian; sometimes contemporary YA lit). Genres  NOT accepted: anthologies, erotica, middle-grade, men's fiction. Does not accept nonfiction. Contact before submitting.


The Flaneur

Main blog URL:  Main reviewer’s name: Jonathan Powell. Best method of contact: bookreviewsAT Genres accepted: Literary fiction, historical, poetry, art and culture, picture books, humor, Christian. Genres NOT accepted: Adult, erotica, paranormal, romance, true crime, western, horror,  Nonfiction genres accepted: arts, culture, biography, autobiography, cuisine, fashion, photography. No adult content, please.


The Flashlight Reader

Reviewer Alanna is a middle school Language Arts teacher, and she works with students 12-16 years old. She prefers to review books and content that would interest that age group. Accepts: children's books, YA, paranormal romance, fantasy, poetry, historical fiction (I prefer books that focus on American or European history), fairy tales, mythology, folktales, realistic fiction, action/adventure, short stories, romance (not graphic... "clean" relationship stories), mysteries, ghost stories, sci-fi and non-fiction (depending on the topic). Does NOT accept: EROTICA or any adult content. Will accept some non-fiction on a case-by-case basis. Her review policy and contact information is clearly listed on the site.


The Four Horsemen Series Book Reviews (Now called Pam Funke's Book Reviews updated 4-21-2013)

Main blog URL: Main reviewer’s name: Pam Funke Best method of contact: TheFourHorsemenSeries AT  Genres accepted:Christian Fiction, Thrillers, Mystery, Adventure, Suspense I will however accept other genres if the book interests me.  Genres NOT accepted: Paranormal, Horror, Romance, Erotica, Nonfiction, and any book that contains an excessive amount of profanity or sex scenes


The Happy Booker

No Longer Updating. Last checked 4-9-2012.


The Indie Mine

Main blog URL: Open to all genres on a case-by-case basis, query the editor of the site to see if your book will be accepted for review. Contact: e-mail: pressATtheindiemineDOTcom.


The Literati Press

Requested removal, 4-14-2013, not currently accepting requests.  


The Mad Reviewer

CLOSED TO REVIEWS UNTIL 2014: (last updated 9-22-2013)


The Phantom Paragrapher This reviewer (Paula) is a librarian and she accepts all genres on a case-by case basis. Accepts children's books and YA. Please contact before submitting.


The Punkettes

Main blog URL: This site is collaborative. Genres accepted: ONLY Steampunk, Clockpunk and Dieselpunk. Genres NOT accepted: Anything that does not include Steampunk, Clockpunk and Dieselpunk.


The Romance Reviews

Accepts only books in the romance genre. The current link is: . The link for their second review site is Does accept e-books in pdf or Kindle format.


The Unbound Underground

Main blog URL/website address: Best method of contact: theunboundunderground AT   Genres that are accepted: literary, mystery, thriller, horror, fantasy, science fiction. Genres NOT accepted: Short stories, bodice-ripper romance (I don't mind a good love story, but nothing which might suggest a cover featuring Fabio), Poetry, nonfiction. Adult content is fine, sex, drugs, rock n roll, the whole shooting match.  Also I will accept erotica, but I prefer the artful over the lady-penthouse sort.


Three Cats and a Girl    

Main blog URL: Main reviewer’s name: Sarah Brillinger. Genres accepted:Dystopian, Adult fiction, YA fiction, memoirs. Genres NOT accepted: Children’s, Fantasy, Sci-Fi.


Tic Toc

Publishers and Authors that would like to request reviews or interviews for thrillers, romance, Sci-fi, Paranormal and various other venues please contact at tlwlaw55 AT


Time 2 Blog Main reviewer’s name: Engelia McCullough. Best method of contact: My Blog under Policies tab- Genres that you accept: Mystery (Crime, Thriller and Suspense only), Multicultural, Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction in the vein of Waiting to Exhale- these genres can have a romance element to them but should not drive the story, for historical fiction really interested in stories of personal triumph during pivotal moments in history (i.e. Civil War, Slavery, WW II, etc.) Genres that you do NOT accept: Fantasy, Paranormal, Erotic, Straight Romance, Science Fiction, YA, Christian Lit, Non fiction



TNBBC's The Next Best Book Blog (previously The Next Best Book Blog) Reviewer Lori accepts most forms of adult literary fiction and experimental fiction. Does NOT accept: Non-Fiction, YA, Self-Help, Historical, and Romance/Erotica. Contact information is on the website. Please check her review guidelines and submissions policy before contacting her.


Tome Keeper

Reviewer accepts a variety of genres, but preferences are clearly listed. Does not accept erotica. Site has been active since 2011.


Top of the Heap Reviews

Main blog URL:   Main reviewer’s name:  Joe Hempel. Best method of contact:  email [email protected] Genres that you accept:  Science-Fiction,  Fantasy, Horror, Thriller/suspense, Comedy, Short Stories, Crime, Mystery,  Childrens. Genres that you do NOT accept:  Erotic Fiction,  Religion.  Do you accept nonfiction?  Yes.  Sports, Movies,  Hollywood Type


Trying to be a Frugal Mama

Blog/website name: Trying To Be A Frugal Momma Main blog URL: Main reviewer’s name: Maggie.  Best method of contact: email - [email protected] . This reviewer has detailed genre preferences so check her site for submission guidelines. Last updated (9/26/2013).


Twisting the Lens

Main blog URL:  Best method of contact: e-mail- Genres accepted: most Fiction on a case-by-case basis- EXCEPT: Western, Erotica, Romance, Christian, Religion, Sports Will accept nonfiction on a case-by-case basis, but does not accept any religion-based non-fiction or sports genres. NO adult content or erotica accepted.


Two Ends of a Pen

Closed to submissions.







Unorthodox Mama

Main Blog URL; Genres accepted: Science fiction, fantasy, children's books, picture  books, young adult fiction, historical fiction, non fiction, steampunk, cyber  punk. Reviewer will also accept parenting, bopgraphies, and educational books. Genres NOT accepted: Romance and  Erotica.


Voltaire's Reviews

No longer updating. Last checked: 4-13-2013.


Wading Through Electronic Ink

No longer updating. Last checked 4-13-2013.


WeaklingNo14's Wondrous Reviews

Main blog URL: Best method of contact: Email - sadaf_habibi AT

Genres accepted: YA, UF, Contemporary Romance, PR, mystery, crime, sci-fi, dystopian themes. Genres NOT accepted: History, erotica (if its heavy on sex and light on plot, I would rather pass), nonfiction.


Welcome to My Life

No longer updating. Last checked 4-13-2013.


What You Reading Now?

No longer updating.


What's Your Story?

No longer updating. Last checked 4-13-2013.


When in Doubt, Read!

Main website address: This reviewer accepts general fiction on a case-by-case basis. Contact before submitting.


Word Vagabond

Main blog URL: Best method of contact: e-mail: Genres accepted: Mystery, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Literary Fiction, Young Adult, GLBT, Supernatural, multi-genre Genres NOT accepted:  Erotica, Horror (dark fantasy and supernatural are OK), overtly religious books of any faith. Will accept some nonfiction: Science, History, Sociology, Psychology. NO adult content or erotica accepted.


Write or Wrong Blog

Main Blog URL: Genres accepted:  Science-fiction/fantasy & speculative

fiction. Genres NOT accepted:  YA, Romance, Erotica, Horror, mystery,  suspense or Non-Fiction. Note: This is an extremely well organized, professional website for speculative fiction. If you don’t know exactly what that is, then it’s best not to submit a review request. This reviewer does not accept unedited work.



This site has moved to:, link is active, but currently not accepting submssions. Last checked 4-13-2013.


WV Stitcher

A blog about reading and stitching-- reviewer Brenda has a high follower base. Blog is: She reviews books on a case by case basis, so contact her before submitting. She currently reviews all genres except erotica and adult material.


YA Enthusiast: Romance Lover Anonymous

No longer updating.


Your Book Reviews by MISSCSOLO

Reviewer accepts A variety of genres, does author spotlights.



We have a few other review lists below; they are here because they are a good resource, but many of the reviewers on these lists do not review self-pubbers. But we have included the information here because of the sheer number of listings.


Simon Royle

Great list of indie sites by author Simon Royle, constantly updated. Listings are current.



Check out this fantastic new resource for self-published authors! The Fabianspace SP reviewer list is long and a goldmine of potential reviewers. I hope you can find a great reviewer for your book.


Best of the Web Blog Directory: Review Bloggers

This is the link to a vast list of bloggers who review books. Some are good, others not. Take the time to visit a few and see if you can find some useful links. If you get a good one, (or a new one) please contact us so we can add it to our main list.


Ottinger's Book Review Blog list

A huge blog list (almost 300) of book review blogs. Some updated, some not. Worth looking at. Mostly Sci-Fi and Fiction reviewers, but a lot of goodies here. Bookmark this one for sure.


Robin Mizzel's Reviewer List

Another great list sent to me by a reviewer. Lots and lots of reviewers here, but you will have to contact each of them directly in order to see if they will accept your submission. The benefit of this list is that they are divided up by genre.  


The Complete Review

There's also a great list on The Complete Review for tons of book review websites and print reviews (240 in all). It's worth checking out.  The Complete Review is not accepting submissions, but they have one of the best resource pages on the internet.



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